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A large apple that is super sweet and juicy, Fuji is a constant favorite with global consumers. Its color can vary; early in the season it shows more green over its light red skin, then changes later in the season to a mixture of red and yellow. Available from November through March. The Fuji apple should always be stored in the refrigerator.

An excellent choice for fresh eating; can be used for some light cooking needs.

Available in all market sizes, as well as bushel quantities and gift boxes.



Harvest Melt

Welcome back to Tree to Table with Shenandoah Valley Orchards! This month we are joined by Logan, of Lola’s Delicatessen in Downtown Harrisonburg. He will be sharing his recipe for a delightful sandwich called the Harvest Melt. This mouthwatering creation features our vibrant Fuji, tangy Granny Smith, and sweet Honey Crisp apple varieties. Get ready to savor the taste of autumn with every bite! 

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