Granny Smith

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One of the most popular tart apples on a global scale. Firm, crunchy with a surprising bite from the acidity, and with a beautiful pink blush on its bright green skin. Available from October to November. Granny Smith should be stored in the refrigerator.

The Granny Smith is lauded for its multipurpose uses; good for eating out of hand, but a favorite for a balanced apple pie flavor.

Available in all market sizes, as well as bushel quantities and gift boxes.



Pork Tenderloin, Harvest Melt

This month we are joined by Chef John at Ott Street Eats, a food truck with ever changing fare, in Downtown Harrisonburg, where he shares an apple forward appetizer and a savory pork and apple entree. Both dishes feature Shenandoah Valley Orchards’ Granny Smith apples and are easy to make, no matter your skill level in the kitchen. 

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