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Another popular heirloom apple, the York is best known for its medium size, firm texture, and mild flavor that mellows with its impressive storage time. The color is often a light red, sometimes touched by green. Available mid-October through March. Best kept in a very cool cellar or in the refrigerator.

A very popular apple across the Mid-Atlantic for its retention of flavor and shape when cooked.

Available in all market sizes, as well as bushel quantities and gift boxes.



Apple Pie

This month, we are delighted to welcome Sarah, the talented food blogger behind Friendly City Foodie, as our special guest. Offering insightful perspectives, Sarah is the go-to guide for all things delicious in Harrisonburg. This month, Sarah is teaching us her favorite way to make apple pie with our York apples, featuring a perfectly flaky double pie crust that even your grandma will love.

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