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Easily one of the most recognized apples in the world, the Pink Lady is known for its pink blush over a soft yellow-green background. An excellent storage option with a bright, sweet-tart flavor. Available November through March. Best stored in a very cool, dark cellar or in the refrigerator.

Pink Lady is a wonderful option for any needs from sauces to fresh eating. A popular option for pairing with cheese or as a dessert fruit.

Available in all market sizes, as well as bushel quantities and gift boxes.



Apple Chorizo Hash

Welcome back to Tree to Table with Shenandoah Valley Orchards! This month we are joined by Mikey, the Chef and Owner of Mashita restaurant in Downtown Harrisonburg. He will be sharing his delicious recipe for an apple chorizo hash and a craft cocktail starring our Pink Lady™ apples. 

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